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Exterior Paint: 6 Exterior Paint Colour Trends

Paint is well-known as the cheapest and quickest way to makeover a house before selling it. House paint delivers that vital first impression, working to highlight a building’s best features while concealing its less-than-perfect ones.

By introducing a bold colour on the front door a homeowner can personalise a colour scheme. Popular tones include red, black, teal, or orange.

We have listed below some of the trending colours for exterior paint that never get old.

1. White

white exterior house paint

As the absence of colour, white serves as a blank slate and allows complementary colours for the other areas such as trims, fences, roof and fascia. It creates the illusion of space and cleanliness. A modern home looks beautiful in a white paint colour scheme especially paired with dark accents and window trims.


2. Grey-Blue

Dulux-western-myall house exterior

Blue, blue-greys and darkish grey paired with white are both contemporary and traditional. Dulux blue-greys include Western Myall, Aerobus, Miller Mood, Grey Pail, Endless Dusk, Tranquil Retreat, Accord, Silkwort, and Chanson. 

3. Black/Charcoal


In modern design, Charcoal and black exteriors are gaining in popularity. Once limited to designer homes, there are now many more everyday homes that are taking on dark exteriors or trim accents as a way to make a bold statement. Dark colours offer a modern, sleek finish. Paired with white trims, they make a bold statement. Before you paint your house in dark colours, consider whether the substrate is right for a dark colour. Popular Dulux dark colours include Monument, Wayward Grey, Domino, and Oolong. 

4. Light Blue or Grey


‘Hamptons style’ usually refers to light, bright and whitewashed look with a sophisticated yet beachy vibe that comes across as effortless and calming. Hampton’s colours are often soft shades of blues and greens, neutral greys, warm whites, and shades of stone and sand. Dulux ‘Hamptons’ colours include Milton Moon, White on White, Vivid White, Natural White, Surfmist, Lexicon, Angora Blue, Pre School, Dieskau and Grey Pail. 

5. Black & Tan


Deep navy, blacks, and charcoals are an excellent choice paired with orange-toned wood or timber or tan paint on trims. Dulux orange colours include Flame Frenzy, African Adventure, Roasted Pumpkin and Ginger Glow. Navy exterior paints include Harpoon, Baltic, Surf n Dive. Dark greys and charcoal include Domino, Monument, Raku, and Wayward Grey.  

6. Beige


Muted tones such as taupe and beige help keep the surroundings as the centre of attention, rather than the house. Neutrals are also a good choice if you are considering selling any time soon as they are less likely to alienate potential buyers. Neutral Dulux colours include Hog Bristle, Light Rice, White Duck, Beige Royal, Warm Neutral, and Linseed. 

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