Restore a 100 year old building

After an extensive tender process, 3 Colours was engaged to undertake a total repaint with remedial work at ‘Ormiston’, a multi residential complex formed within a grand old Victorian residence in Summer Hill

Extreme care and caution were required to maintain the integrity of the property, at the same time applying state of the art products to treat and preserve the surfaces.

Environmental factors and location in a high traffic area presented other challenges, involving precise planning and thorough preparation.

Scaffolding and cherry pickers were used alongside ladders to facilitate work on high access areas. Thorough checking and implementation of safety procedures ensured the safety of both workers and residents. 3 Colours has an exemplary safety record, with strict adherence to OH&S regulations.

Summer Hill Tower - Before

Some building surfaces were highly soiled and damaged by pollution and mould. Preparation commenced with high pressure washing. Flexible filler was used to repair cracks and holes caused by building movement and general wear and tear. Flaking paint was removed to establish a premium surface to paint.


As a Dulux Accredited Painter, 3 Colours used an elastomeric product called Dulux AcraShield, which has flexibility to withstand a reasonable amount of building movement. Dulux Aquanamel Gloss (water-based) was applied to large timber surfaces and Dulux Super Enamel High Gloss on joinery surfaces such as window frames, doorand rails.

Summer Hill Tower - After

3 Colours places a high priority on liaison and communication with residents, essential to the smooth running of any multi residential building project. Notices providing schedules for painting common areas were displayed and individual letters to residents were posted in mailboxes.


Arrangements were made with individual residents for access to front doors for painting. As doors were required to be kept open for several hours, 3 Colours took responsibility for ensuring privacy and security for the residents at all times. Feedback from the owners indicates the success of this four-week project

“We called for tenders and 3 Colours was the most cost-effective. We had an interview with Marek on site and were impressed with his vision, professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment to the project. The team worked over many weeks and were efficient, courteous, respectful of our privacy, highly skilled and kept the site very clean.

“3 Colours’ oral and written communication throughout the process was extremely good and a final inspection at the conclusion of the project revealed a thorough and top-quality job. We were extremely satisfied with the workmanship, the dedication the painters showed and the final cost. I am happy to recommend 3 Colours without reservation.”

– Executive Committee, Owners Corporation