Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Sydney Olympic Park Authority engaged 3 Colours to undertake asbestos encapsulation of roofing atop the historic Armory Buildings in the heritage-listed Olympic Park precinct.

Over time, the asbestos cement sheeting in the roofing had undergone weathering and was at risk of releasing asbestos fibres in to the environment.

3 Colours undertook a process of asbestos cement roof sheeting encapsulation, which prevents the release of asbestos dust and fibres and effectively improves the performance and integrity of the roof.

The work was completed successfully and the asbestos is now safely contained so it can not become airborne and pose a health threat to visitors to the park or workers in the precinct.

History of asbestos use

Well into the 20th century, asbestos was increasingly popular among builders and manufacturers for use as electrical and building insulation because of its characteristics of sound absorption, resistance to fire, heat, electrical and chemical damage, and affordability.


Well maintained, asbestos-containing materials can last for the life of the building. However, when not well-managed, asbestos fibres may escape into the air, contaminating the atmosphere and posing a health risk to anyone in close proximity.

Asbestos encapsulation - a safe

Experts agree that asbestos encapsulation provides an acceptable, safe and cheaper alternative to removal of asbestos-containing materials.


Encapsulation is achieved by using a two-step system, in which impervious coatings are applied over or around an asbestos-containing material. The top coat elastomeric membrane provides long-term protection to the encapsulated layers, as well as heat reflective and aesthetic properties. The system has excellent resistance to dirt and the re-growth of moulds and lichens.

All 3 Colours’ crew members are trained in safe asbestos management techniques.

What the encapsulation system achieves

  • Binds and encapsulates the asbestos fibres
  • Avoids costly downtime associated with replacement of asbestos
  • Significant reduction in roof cavity temperatures, resulting in savings in building cooling costs
  • Extension of the service life of asbestos structures
  • A completely water-based and truly environmentally friendly system
  • A fresh appearance in a range of colours.