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ClientClanricarde Strata Committee
ProjectRemedial work/exterior painting
Duration6 months

Project Description

‘Clanricarde’ is a heritage five-storey building with street-level garages, situated at 15 Billyard Avenue, Elizabeth Bay.

The original building on the site was a three-storey residence built in the late 1890’s, which was later extended by two storeys, incorporating a lift. The rear of the building, was also extended and sections of the building were enclosed using timber cladding.

The walls of the original building are solid brick. The two upper storeys are solid in-situ concrete, and the enclosed sections of the building are protected by timber cladding. All three materials rely on the integrity of the external paint for ‘waterproofness’.

Most of the building’s windows are timber, double hung, casement, sliding and awning sashes, with some aluminium windows.

Our scope of work was to paint the building masonry, windows, pipework, garages, entrance gates, handrail and security gates. Prior to painting, we needed to perform remedial work such as repairing the spalling, cracks and holes, replacing rusted brackets, and repairs to the window frames.

All delaminated, flaking and loose paint was stripped back and the building was washed. For the gates and garage doors, all flaking and loose paint was stripped and the metal was treated with rust-proof spray before being powder coated.