Repair and painting of timber sash windows

The executive committee of an art deco apartment complex in Mosman contracted 3 Colours to carry out extensive remedial work and painting of all sash windows at the property.

This is a typical request as many buildings still have sash windows – but with correct maintenance and professional care, they can have considerable longevity.

With such a large project, careful co-ordination is required to schedule residents to leave their windows open on pre-arranged dates. 3 Colours sent individual letters to all residents and displayed general information about the project in the entrance hall. Aware of the intrusion that can be felt when working on windows, 3 Colours treats each project with sensitivity and professionalism.

Sash windows - Before

The height of the work made it necessary for 3 Colours to use their newly acquired scaffolding on one part of the building. Erecting scaffolding is always a precise exercise which 3 Colours undertakes with all relevant safety precautions and fully trained professionals. Repairing and painting sash windows is a 3 Colours speciality as it is time-consuming and requires experience in the treatment of timber. Correct preparation is essential to the success of the job. Many 3 Colours sites are within 5 km of the sea – so salt, sun and moisture are the main cause of deterioration of the timber.


Additional preparation is fundamental (but not always carried out by all painting companies). At the Mosman complex, 3 Colours removed the old paint with paint stripper and by sanding, then washed off salt residue and mould so the surface was free of any corrosive/harmful substances before application of primer or paint. An oil-based undercoat was then applied, followed by two different coatings. 3 Colours uses marine enamel on the sash part of the window as it provides maximum protection without increasing paint build-up, avoiding any hindrance to the sash window mechanism.

Sash windows - After

Acrylic Weathershield is applied to the window sills to provide additional protection as these horizontal surfaces are more exposed to the harsh elements. 3 Colours has been using this combination successfully for nearly 10 years. Inevitably, unforeseen issues arose. Some windows had previously been painted while closed so were unable to be opened. 3 Colours’ expert painters had encountered this problem before so they knew to scrape all the old paint out of the mechanism, clean it up, prepare it and paint as the other windows.


Additionally, some areas of fascia and eaves were in a state of disrepair which would have deteriorated rapidly without attention. 3 Colours notified the strata manager and provided a quote which was substantially lower than a separate quote on a new project. As the scaffolding was already in place and the painting team still onsite, this saved time and money - not to mention inconvenience.

On final inspection, the owners had nothing but praise for 3 Colours’ work and professionalism.