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Remedial Painting Services Sydney

Cracks and gap repairs

Remedial Painting Services Sydney

Often, during the course of our projects, our team will find a rotten piece of timber, a broken pane of glass, a deteriorated expansion joint, even a failed waterproof membrane. Should this occur, know that we have the capability to repair these faults and any other remedial building works that may be required to complete your project.

Remedial building work is carried out by a licensed and qualified builder, prior to and in conjunction with repainting works so that the finished product not only looks great but ensures the coating is applied to a sound surface.

Our remedial painting services

Substrate repairs

We conduct remedial work on the substrate that commonly needs repair before repainting include concrete spalling and crack stitching on masonry walls.

Carpentry services

Our carpentry services include repairs or replacement of window frames, doors, gutter and down pipes, pergolas, waste pipes, decking, fencing, retaining walls, and ceilings.


Waterproofing issues can lead to cracks, mould, and structural defects like concrete cancers. Before painting we will inspect membranes and if required, repair balcony, planter boxes, and roof membranes.


Rectification and corrective actions for buildings with defects, particularly involving significant structural and/or water ingress issues.

Timber work repairs

We repair or replace timber that has been exposed to; excessive moisture causing it to warp and cup or ‘dry rot’, timber with termites or white ants, and timber that has been exposed to UV radiation or extreme weather conditions such as coastal areas.

Replacement of doors and window frames

We repair or replace windows and doors that have started to deteriorate with age and exposure to external elements, or water ingress. One of the most common areas of concern is water ingress into the building, via poor weatherproofing and sealing between the window or door frame interfaces at the wall openings, which tend to lead to water damage and excessive moisture issues.

Case study

Mascot Strata Building

This strata complex in Mascot required in-depth remedial work to the substrate before the painting could take place. The scope of works was for the repair of deteriorating render, to clear blocked weep holes, to install a V-groove for the full length of the flashing line to the facades of the buildings, to replace all failed sealant and repair insufficient movement joints, to repair cracking of blockwork substrates, to remove efflorescence from balcony slab edges, treat corroding fixings, and repaint the facade and all previously coated areas with Dulux Premium Paints. The result was amazing. Not only was the substrate significantly repaired, the building also had a colour change from a dated yellow to a cool charcoal.