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Residential House Painters Sydney

Our skilled and experienced Sydney house painters have expert knowledge in all types of residential paintwork, including floor coatings, texture coatings, waterproofing, lead-based paint removal, rust protection and more. We focus on appropriate surface preparation so that the coating will last. This means thorough preparation, repairing underlying faults and restoration of surfaces – all essential for a quality finish.

Customer service

Our residential painting company delivers a consistent level of excellence in craftsmanship and, more importantly, customer service. Your convenience is our priority, and we pride ourselves on providing affordable house painting quotes while ensuring you are satisfied with our home painting services from beginning to end.

How we work

We promise managed timeframes, minimal disturbance, environmental care and respect for your privacy. We leave additional paint to correct minor touch-ups that may occur before any scheduled maintenance, and provide a complete guide of how to care for your paintwork. 

Free colour consultation

Colour is emotional and powerful, so selecting the correct colours is an integral part in creating the home you desire. We provide guidance on colour selection, and a free colour consultation on projects over $10,000. We use Dulux colour consultants which also provide you with a $100 rebate on their product purchase.

Dulux Paint

We use premium quality Dulux products which have a five-year warranty which guarantees that the coating system applied will not peel, flake or blister for a period of five years because of their product, subject to the conditions laid out in their Warranty document.  

5-Year Workmanship Warranty

Our workmanship is covered by a five-year warranty which is supported by our Dulux Accreditation. At any stage during the five-year warranty period, a fresh coat of Dulux may be applied if premature coating failure has occurred, subject to the conditions laid out in our Warranty Document. 

Environmental Management

We use low or zero VOC ((volatile organic compounds) paints to ensure there are little or no fumes. We use non-toxic fillers where possible and an environmentally-friendly wash system (Dulux Environwash ES 800 system) to clean brushes and rollers leaving no adverse impact on the environment. 

People also ask

What does your quote include?

Generally, unless otherwise agreed, our quote covers surface preparation – such as building washing, filling cracks and holes, sanding surfaces between coats, and applying sealers/primers. This is the most time-consuming part of our job and without proper surface preparation, the coatings will not last and early paint failure may occur.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, 3 Colours warrants to the customer, for a period of five years from the date of the contract, subject to certain limitations, we will repair cracking, peeling or chipping paint resulting from faulty surface preparation or application of the coating system.

Our warranty document that is supplied with the quotation includes the limitations where the warranty does not apply, this includes issues that arise from damage caused by incorrect cleaning procedures such as abrasive cleaning agents. To ensure that this does not happen, we supply all our customers with a cleaning guide on how to care for paintwork.

Can you provide an estimate over the phone?

Generally, quotations should not be provided without a prior visual inspection of the property. A visual inspection assists us to determine the condition of the substrate, so we can accurately quote for the works. The inspection also provides us with the opportunity to document any building issues upfront.

What is Home Building Compensation Fund Insurance (HBCF)?

Home Building Compensation Fund Insurance (HBCF) is compulsory insurance the painter is required to obtain on your behalf for works that cost more than $20k. It is the painter’s responsibility to purchase the certificate of insurance on your behalf. As it is for the benefit of the owner. The insurance covers owners for up to six years in the case of incomplete or defective work and the contractor company has become insolvent, disappeared or has died.

What are your payment terms?

Legally a painting company cannot ask for more than 10 per cent of the value of the works for a deposit. The payment should be made in progress payments with sign off at each stage to ensure you are happy with the works.

What type and quality of paint will be used?

When you ask for house painting quotes from the contractors, they will often give you the lowest possible quote in order to get the job, however, they may be using low-quality paints as good quality paint will result in a higher quote. 3 Colours is a Dulux Accredited painter which means we use Dulux products on all our jobs. As well as our 5-year workmanship warranty, Dulux Paints also come with their product warranty.

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House painting testimonials

  • Having been involved in the property industry for over 35 years and seen it all I was both surprised and amazed at the quality of service from 3Colours. The professionalism of their staff was above reproach. They painted most of my internal private residence including painting over exposed timber beams and wall panelling. At all times their tradesman respected my home and when finished left after a thorough cleaning. I have no hesitation in recommending 3Colours Painting Service.

    Richard Holloway
  • We have used 3 Colours three times over 12 years – twice to paint the entire outside and once the entire inside of our house. On each occasion, the quality of the work has been first-class, particularly from senior painters Duane and Gerard in 2020. 3 Colours are not the cheapest painters, but they represent very good value for money, given the high standrad of their work. I heartily recommend them, particularly where quality matters.

    James Collier
  • This was a first-class experience from the word go. The quote was detailed and all questions were answered. The painters were very pleasant to have in our home. Their work was excellent and they left our house clean and tidy when they left for the day. They worked quickly. This has been an exceptional experience and we would not hesitate to recommend 3 Colours Painting Services to anyone.

    Julie Desmond
  • We have now a fantastic ‘good as new’ painted house. Incredibly professional work and a delightful attitude with the team. The next house in our small avenue is using 3 Colours and the job looks fantastic.

    A Fisk
  • Your team was absolutely fantastic. Great attention to detail, very pleasant to deal with, very reliable, always left the house clean and tidy. Our next job will be painting the outside of the house and we’ll definitely be getting you to quote.

    V Briggs