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Healthcare & Hospital Painting Sydney

Compared to other commercial paint projects, painting a medical facility requires special attention and expertise. Our comprehensive product knowledge and hands-on experience ensure that we can undertake this specialised painting with minimal disturbance while meeting the highest quality standards. We are experienced in painting; hospitals, medical offices, dental clinics, aged care, and other diagnostic and rehabilitation facilities. 

Health & Safety

Or team of painters that work on medical facilities and aged care all have police checks. We provide site-specific Workplace Health and Safety documentation for your project including Safe Work Method Statements, Risk Management Plans for Spray Painting and Powder Coating, Lead Risk Work Safety Data Sheets, Tag registers, Training, plant and electrical registers.

Flexible Scheduling

Hospitals and other care facilities often provide medical care 24 hours a day and require a very flexible painting crew to get the job done. We work after hours and on weekends to complete the project as efficiently as possible, and can paint certain rooms or areas one at a time to keep operations flowing. We promise managed timeframes, minimal disturbance, environmental care and respect for your patient’s privacy. 

SafeWork Codes of Practice

We abide by all SafeWork Codes of Practice including Spray Painting and Power Coating, Lead Risk Work, Confined Spaces, Asbesto Awareness, managing electrical risks, Managing the Risk of Falls. We meet the requirements as set out in Australian Standard AS 2311 Guide to the painting of buildings and the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011.

Paint Selection

We are experienced in paint selection and will choose the right paint for the right space, such as microbicidal and antimicrobial paint products that are resistant to/and or kill off bacteria as well as no-VOC, low-VOC paints which do not give off fumes and odours. Paint chosen in sterile rooms will also last vigorous scrubbing. 


Epoxy Floor Coatings

We have the expertise to apply epoxy floor coatings and non-slip floorings which are crucial to combat the daily wear and tear of emergency rooms and surgical suites.  Epoxy floors are impervious to germs and bacteria because they are highly resistant to fluids.

Air Quality & Environmental Management

We use low or zero VOC ((volatile organic compounds) paints to ensure there are little or no fumes. We will also prepare a ventilation plan prior to commencement to ensure the air quality of patients is protected. We use non-toxic fillers where possible and an environmentally-friendly wash system (Dulux Environwash ES 800 system) to clean brushes and rollers leaving no adverse impact on the environment. 

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