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Electrostatic Spray Painting Sydney

electrostatic painting spraying sydney

What is Electrostatic Painting?

Electrostatic painting is the cleanest and most efficient method of spray painting and perfect for updating worn, dull, and colour-dated metal surfaces. The process delivers a highly durable coating and hard-wearing surface in a flat or gloss finish. Since no air pressure is used for atomisation, there is no blast of uncontrolled overspray and surrounding areas only need to be minimally masked.


How does electrostatic painting work?

Paint is finely atomised through a gun into an electrically-charged spray. The paint is electrostatically pulled to the item to be painted, depositing almost all the paint onto the surface. 

Where electrostatic painting is used

Metal surfaces such as gates, fences, handrails, wrought iron gates, pool fences, balustrades, aluminium window frames, garage and roller doors, balcony railings, gazebo screen enclosures, lift doors, spiral staircases, mechanical equipment, filing cabinets and lockers and office furniture, shelving and partitions, light and flag poles, mechanical equipment and covers and shipping.

Benefits of electrostatic painting

By improving paint transfer efficiency, electrostatic spraying lowers paint application costs and reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions.

Electrostatic painting cost

Like any home improvement project, the cost of an electrostatic painting and powder coating job varies based on many factors, but specifically its size. Electrostatic painters generally charge rates between $55 – $70 per hour.

Electrostatic Painting Sydney Case Study

Aggreko Australia
3Colours painter electrostatic spraying containner

3 Colours was engaged to paint metal containers which house power generators for Aggreko Australia.

The metal containers are similar in size and structure to shipping containers. The containers were dirty and rusted and in need of a fresh look in keeping with Aggreko’s brand. Aggreko hires these generators to other companies where they sit out in view of the public eye, so it is important that they look clean and well maintained. Before a fresh coat of paint could be applied, the containers needed to be treated with a rust converter and spot primed with epoxy primer. After removal of rust, salt and dirt and application of the primer, a polyurethane product called Vitrethane 630 was applied to provide long-term protection and lower maintenance requirements.

The finished product was a clean, rust-free and professional looking power generator, ready to be hired out to Aggreko’s clients. The difference in appearance was substantial. The fresh coat of paint significantly improved the presentation of the container, enhancing the Aggreko logo.