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Quality Assurance

Work, Health & Safety

All work carried out in strict accordance with work, health and safety requirements and our own quality assured policy. Our Work, Health and Safety plan has been certified by Trades Monitor. Before commencing work a risk assessment is carried out and control measures are put in place to mitigate risks. All staff are inducted into the relevant Safe Work Method Statements.


We carry all relevant insurances including Public Liability and Workers Compensation and will provide copies on request. Dulux also annually verifies our licenses and insurance through EBIX Trades Monitor. For residential projects over $20,000, a Home Building Compensation Certificate of Insurance will be obtained upon signed quotation and given to the client with the contract.

Workmanship Warranty

We provide a five-year warranty on our paintwork workmanship. This is supported by our Dulux Accreditation. Our workmanship warranty guarantees that for a period of five (5) years from the date of the contract, subject to the limitations set forth in our warranty document, 3 Colours will repair at our cost, all cracking, peeling or chipping paint that has resulted from defective workmanship. 

Dulux Qualified

All painters employed by 3 Colours are trade qualified, uniformed, have their construction induction certificates and are under strict guidance by a Dulux Accredited senior painter. All work will be completed to a high standard and the site will be left clean, neat and tidy. Preparation will address surface defects and apparent paint breakdown of previous coatings to ensure the surfaces are fit to apply new material. Unless otherwise specified, primer and spot primer plus a minimum of two coats of Dulux Professional paint will be applied.

Site Protection

As far as practical, we will program works so that painting is completed to the top of the building first, to ensure that finished paintwork is not adversely affected by paint splatters. Similarly, all building projections service pipes etc. will be masked up and covered with drop sheets and protected as far as practical.

We will remove all necessary fixtures before starting to paint and re-fix on completion of painting. We will ensure drop sheets and dust sheets are used extensively to protect all unpainted surfaces not scheduled for painting. We will place “Wet paint” warning notices conspicuously until paint is dry.

We will clean off marks, paint spots and stains progressively and restore damaged surfaces to their original condition. We will touch up damaged decorative paintwork or misses only with the paint batch used in the original application.

COVID Safe badge

COVID Safe Business

We are a registered COVID-Safe business with the NSW Government. This means the Government has reviewed our COVID practices and deemed us as compliant with their COVID-19 rules and regulations.