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Commercial Painting Sydney

As professional commercial painting contractors, we have painted a large variety of commercial buildings and industrial complexes. worked exclusively with commercial and industrial clients for one decade. Our comprehensive product knowledge and hands-on experience ensures that we can complete any commercial project, while meeting the highest quality standards.

Health & Safety

We provide site-specific Workplace Health and Safety documentation for your project including Safe Work Method Statements, Risk Management Plans for Spray Painting and Power Coating, Lead Risk Work Safety Data Sheets, Tag registers, Training, plant and electrical registers.

How we work

We promise managed timeframes, minimal disturbance, environmental care and respect for your privacy. We leave additional paint to correct minor touch-ups that may occur before any scheduled maintenance, and provide a complete guide of how to care for your paintwork. 

SafeWork Codes of Practice

We abide by all SafeWork Codes of Practice including Spray Painting and Power Coating, Lead Risk Work, Confined Spaces, Asbesto Awareness, managing electrical risks, Managing the Risk of Falls. We meet the requirements as set out in Australian Standard AS 2311 Guide to the painting of buildings and the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011.

Dulux Paint

We use premium quality Dulux products which have a five-year warranty which guarantees that the coating system applied will not peel, flake or blister for a period of five years because of their product, subject to the conditions laid out in their Warranty document.  

5-Year Workmanship Warranty

Our workmanship is covered by a five-year warranty which is supported by our Dulux Accreditation. At any stage during the five-year warranty period, a fresh coat of Dulux may be applied if premature coating failure has occurred, subject to the conditions laid out in our Warranty Document. 

Environmental Management

We use low or zero VOC ((volatile organic compounds) paints to ensure there are little or no fumes. We use non-toxic fillers where possible and an environmentally-friendly wash system (Dulux Environwash ES 800 system) to clean brushes and rollers leaving no adverse impact on the environment. 

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