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High Pressure Cleaning Sydney

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High Pressure Façade & Window Washing Services

High pressure building cleaning removes mould and pollutants before it eats into the paint causing it to crack. If surfaces have a build-up of pollutants and grime, then high pressure cleaning might be all that is needed to bring back the vibrancy of the building.

We deliver exception results through the combination of years of industry experience, and latest tools for removing stains, dirt, mould, pathogens, algae, pollutants, and graffiti.

High Rise Buildings

For high rise and difficult access areas, our certified rope access specialists use abseiling techniques to inspect, clean and repair minor faults with little disturbance to tenants.

Benefits of a Pressure Cleaning

Lower maintenance costs

Mould, bird droppings, and dirt can wear away at your building. Pressure cleaning allows you to see and fix small repairs before they turn into bigger problems which will keep repair costs low.

Maintain property value

Removing dirt, grime and scuff marks will make your building look like new again. This helps to protect the value of your investment and reduce future painting costs.

Prevent serious building issues

Hard to reach areas and tight corners are where mould and mildew thrive. Mould needs to be removed before it spreads and causes cracks in the substrate.

Case Study

Pressure Cleaning for Strata Safety

This strata building badly needed some urgent maintenance, including a pressure clean to the common areas. Many of the residents were older and the grime and mould build up on the stairs made it dangerous for residents, especially during wet conditions. This is not only dangerous for residents, it is also the owners corporation responsibility to keep common areas in good maintenance. Failure to do so could mean the owners corporation is liable should an accident occur. 

For this strata complex, we cleaned all of the slipery mould and grime off the walkways and staircase before repairing the stairs, and painting the edges of the stairs with a reflective paint so they could be seen at night.