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Specialised Painting


Our rope access services include; high rise window cleaning, pressure cleaning sydney, commercial painting sydney, building inspections sydney, building maintenance sydney and strata company painting.

Heritage Restoration Work by 3 Colours

We take care of everything from exterior paint, replacement of fascias, corroded downpipes, repair and reglazing of timber windows, through to intricate detailing of interior flourishes such as cornices, architraves and ceiling roses.

electrostatic painting spraying sydney

We provide electrostatic painting for a factory-finish on metal work such as balustrades, railings, fences, office furniture, filing cabinets and lockers, lifts and elevators, plant and equipment. 

professional painter undertaking asbestos encapsulation building roof

We are experts in asbesto encapulation to seal in asbestos fibres, maintain the integrity of the surface, and eliminate the expense, risk and labour-intensive removal of asbestos.

Painting a new residence in Mosman

We ensure the building’s facade is respected during the restoration process and original detail retained where possible. We will aesthetically restore surfaces while rectifying underlying structural issues.


Epoxy flooring is an affordable and effective way to protect concrete floors from wear and tear.  We have applied epoxy floor coatings to numerous industrial sites, warehouses, and commercial buildings rely to maintain clean and safe conditions.

sydney painter painting house roof

Our roof painting Sydney will help you rejuvenate your home’s roof, ensuring it continues to protect your family whilst adding value by improving your home’s street appeal.

painting specialist removing lead paint

Lead-based paint is most likely to be found in houses built in the 1970s. Improper removal of lead paint can pose serious health risks. We have been removing lead paint for almost two decades and take all necessary precautions to remove lead paint without incident. 

Intumescent Fire Paint steel

Intumescent coatings is generally applied to loadbearing structural steel. The coating insulates the steel delaying structural failure to allow occupants more time to escape a fire. Our painters use Dulux and Promat coatings for passive fire protection.