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Strata Painting Sydney

We understand how strata works and have provided services for strata title property for more than 16 years. We consult with owners corporations/body corporate, executive committees, strata managers to provide paintwork and maintenance services that fits in with your capital works budget.

Why paint?

The better the visual impact and the higher your property value or rental income will be. Fresh paintwork will also help maintain the building and detect issues before they cause further issues.

First inspection

We will inspect the property’s common areas and go through what areas you want painted. Our quotation will list each area which is included and what areas are not included. We will also advise on any building issues upfront that may cause early paint failure. The most common problem in NSW is water ingress.

Free colour consultation

Colour is emotional and powerful, so selecting the correct colours is an integral part in creating the home you desire. We provide guidance on colour selection, and a free colour consultation on projects over $10,000. We use Dulux colour consultants which also provide you with a $100 rebate on their product purchase.

Dulux Paint

We use premium quality Dulux products which have a five-year warranty which guarantees that the coating system applied will not peel, flake or blister for a period of five years because of their product, subject to the conditions laid out in their Warranty document.  

5-Year Workmanship Warranty

Our workmanship is covered by a five-year warranty which is supported by our Dulux Accreditation. At any stage during the five-year warranty period, a fresh coat of Dulux may be applied if premature coating failure has occurred, subject to the conditions laid out in our Warranty Document. 

Environmental Management

We use low or zero VOC ((volatile organic compounds) paints to ensure there are little or no fumes. We use non-toxic fillers where possible and an environmentally-friendly wash system (Dulux Environwash ES 800 system) to clean brushes and rollers leaving no adverse impact on the environment. 

frequently asked strata painting questions

Do you charge for a first inspection / quotation?

No, our inspection and quotation is obligation-free. We will sit with you to discuss your scope of work and then inspect the building as much as access permits. We will follow up with an estimate based on your requirements which includes any foreseeable issues with the building.

How do we get agreement to paint the building?

If it is not on your Capital Works Plan, but your building needs painting, you may need to hold a strata committee or general meeting to get owners corporation or committee consent before going ahead.

Can we change the colour?

As changing the colour of a building is altering common property, you will need consent from the Owners Corporation before going ahead. Check with your strata manager on the type of consent required (i.e. special resolution or ordinary resolution).

How do you coordinate access?

We liaise with the strata committee members and strata managers to provide sufficient notification and details about the type of access required to paint all surfaces. The strata manager will communicate access requirements to relevant property managers. We will also provide the committee with notices to place around the building.

Do residents need to move everything before painting?

Before painting, the building generally requires washing. We notify owners by way of notice to move all items on balconies, courtyards etc. that they do not wish to get wet. We ask that building occupants remove small and personal items away from surfaces that need painting, and our painting team will move and cover larger items of furniture.