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House Painting North Shore
Paint is well-known as the cheapest and quickest way to makeover a house before selling it. House paint delivers that vital first impression, working to highlight a building’s best features while concealing its less-than-perfect ones. By introducing a bold colour on the front door a homeowner can personalise a colour scheme. Popular tones include red, black, teal, or orange. We have listed below some of the trending colours for exterior...
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New Procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19
3 Colours is closely monitoring events as they unfold with regards to the COVID 19 virus and we would like to assure you that we are taking extra precautions to ensure a safe working environment for all. Our precautions include: Staff wear anti-viral face masks while working on-site and carry alcohol-based hand sanitiser to ensure they practise good personal hygiene We have implemented a new procedure for sanitising surfaces such...
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Brick is Australia’s preferred building material – more than six times as many houses are built of brick than weatherboard, and there are eight times as many brick homes than fibre cement. Around 64 per cent of Australians live in a brick home. While new brick homes are contemporary, older brick homes may have a dated look, this is where painting brick may be a good idea as with the...
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beautiful house exterior painting
Why is home painting so important? Exterior paint schemes can not only add to the street appeal and also provides protection for your home. The better the finish, the better the visual impact and the higher your property value or rental income will be. With the right colour selection, a new paint job will beautify and modernise your home so it’s important to take sufficient time planning which colours, shades,...
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Each year Dulux releases it’s colour forecast for the year. For 2020, their colour forecast has been divided into four categories; Grounded, Comeback, Cultivate and Indulge.
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