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Paintwork Maintenance


We deliver exception results through the combination of years of industry experience, and latest tools for removing stains, dirt, mould, pathogens, algae, pollutants, and graffiti.

Periodic Maintenance Sydney

A periodic painting maintenance program keeps your properties looking fresh and also enables us to spot potential defects before they become costly. Our periodic maintenance program includes: inspections, surface cleans, touch-ups, repainting, minor repairs, and repairs to sealant. 

remedial building repairs Sydney

We provide a comprehensive range of remedial work, carried out by a licensed and qualified builder, prior to and in conjunction with repainting works so that the finished product not only looks great but the coating is applied to a sound surface.

Swimming Pool Resurfacing Sydney

We repair cracking or blistering, punctures or tears, exposed gunite, and leaks of pools and give them a new surface. 

Sash Window Repair North Shore Sydney

We restore, install and modernise old timber windows to their former glory. Our team are fully qualified tradesman with a wealth of experience and knowledge. 

graffiti remover Sydney

We have more than 16 years of graffiti removal, and the application of anti-graffiti coating. We examine the surface area and use the relevant formulation to break down the molecular structure of the graffiti and draw the substance to the surface, where it can be carefully removed.