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Periodic Strata Property Maintenance

Good quality paints have a relatively long life on interior surfaces and repainting is normally undertaken only when soiling has occurred or when there is a desire for a colour change. However, in external conditions, paint life varies with the environment, the nature of the material painted, the degree of surface penetration, and the number of coats applied.

Why do periodic strata building maintenance?

A periodic painting maintenance program not only keeps your strata properties looking fresh; it also allows us to spot potential defects before they become costly and widespread. 

Our Strata Paintwork Maintenance Plans

For buildings in sheltered inland environments, maintenance may only need to be performed once every one or two years. In coastal, industrial, or dirty, dusty city areas, maintenance may need to be performed as often as every six months.

Based on your environment, we will provide a tailored maintenance plan to suit your building. A typical plan will factor in periodical inspections, surface cleaning, painting stains, major and minor repairs to cracks and gaps, and re-coating when required. At any stage during the warranty period, a fresh coat of Dulux may be applied if premature coating failure has occurred.

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