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Aluminium Windows


Recoating Aluminium Window & Door Frames

Aluminium windows & door frames are vulnerable to degradation, especially when exposed to harsh environmental elements like intense sunlight, moisture, and salty coastal air. These conditions can accelerate corrosion and oxidation, leaving the frames dull and worn.

Aluminium Window Frame Recoating Sydney

We specialise in applying protective coatings, conducting repairs, and refreshing aluminium, powder-coated, anodised, and galvanised materials with new colours, to aluminium windows & door frames including sliding and bi-fold doors, screen doors, shutters, and shopfront windows.

Can you change the colour of aluminium frames?

Yes, refreshing the colours of aluminium window frames can dramatically modernise and enhance the appearance of a building, transforming it from outdated to contemporary.

We collaborate with Dulux colour specialists to tailor colour options that complement your building’s facade. Revitalising the colours of your windows and door frames also adds a protective layer against environmental elements, ensuring your building remains fresh and visually appealing for years to come.

How often should aluminium window frames be cleaned

The frequency of maintenance for aluminium frames largely depends on the environmental conditions to which they are exposed.

Properties near the coast, where saltwater is prevalent, are particularly susceptible to salt damage and corrosion, therefore, cleaning and maintaining aluminium windows and doors more frequently may be necessary.

Buildings in heavy industry or places with significant atmospheric pollution and grime deposits should also be maintained more frequently. This helps prevent the accumulation of pollutants that can accelerate corrosion and degrade the material.

Clean your aluminium windows and doors at least once a year for less exposed properties.

What products do you use?

We exclusively use premium-quality Dulux products, ensuring excellent and long-lasting results backed by a five-year written guarantee. This commitment means your aluminium windows and doors will remain pristine for years.

Cost of aluminium window respray

The cost of repair of aluminium window respray depends on several factors including whether height-equipment needs to be used, difficulty of access, and deterioration of the windows.

How long do aluminium window frames last?

The average lifespan of aluminium windows is around 20-25 years, but this can vary depending on the type of window, the level of maintenance, and the climate. In hotter climates, for example, the paint on the frames may fade or blister sooner than in cooler climates.

Aluminium Window Frame Respray Case Study

Car Dealership in Ryde

We recently had the opportunity to work with Hunter Holden in Ryde on a project to rejuvenate the look of their dealership. The objective was to transition their aluminium window and door frames from a standard white to a more sophisticated black, in line with a stylish, modern look they were eager to present to their clientele.

We carefully scheduled the project execution on a public holiday, guaranteeing minimal impact on the dealership’s operations.

Our team thoroughly assessed the existing frames and prepared them for the respray. On the day of the project, our team efficiently covered and protected the dealership’s interiors and exteriors, ensuring no potential overspray.

The respraying process was detailed, thoroughly sanding and applying a robust undercoat. We then used multiple topcoats of high-quality, weather-resistant black paint to achieve the desired stylish matte finish.

The completion of the project marked a significant transformation for Hunter Holden. The new black window and door frames now exuded a bold statement, offering a visual appeal that was both dramatic and sophisticated. This contemporary edge significantly enhanced the building’s exterior and aligned perfectly with the elegance of the vehicles showcased within. ‚Äč