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Mosman Painting Exterior Facade
ClientMosman Residence
ProjectRepainting the facade
Duration16 weeks

Project Description

This Mosman residence is on one of one of Mosman’s finest streets. The Raglan Street home has envious sprawling views over the harbour, however the salt spray had deteriorated the old coatings so the house needed some TLC.

There were many challenges to the job, such as; the harsh conditions from salt and wind, meant the substrate required additional preparation, and the steep locality made access difficult requiring everything to be delivered by hand, down three levels of tight, narrow stairs. Due to the windy conditions, everything had to be covered with drop sheets and plastic for protection against wind-blown paint specks. Many of the window sills and timberwork had to be replaced, and the metal work had to be treated with an industrial process before epoxy coating was applied.

The result was amazing and we were proud to have been able to restore this magnific home. To ensure the project retained its fresh appearance, a regular maintenance schedule was set up to give the property an annual soft wash along with general touch-ups and maintenance of the assets.