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Latest Dulux Interior Colour Trends for 2020

Each year Dulux releases it’s colour forecast for the year. For 2020, their colour forecast has been divided into four categories; Grounded, Comeback, Cultivate and Indulge.


The Grounded theme is filled with neutrals and natural materials. It is an abandonment of clutter, opting for mindfulness serenity. Raw materials are offset with innovative finishes that feel high-tech but still invite the human touch. Neutral schemes can be used with an accent colour that features in your decor. The key to beautiful minimal interiors and a tonal palette is ensuring there is just the right amount of texture. Pair neutral tones with stone on floors.


natural interior colour tones


Comeback blends eclectic style with vintage charm to create a rich and layered aesthetic that feels expressive in its maximalism, yet reassuringly familiar. Borrowing from the past turns our focus to the design classics of the 1920s–1950s, such as the Bauhaus, and Arts and Crafts movements. The result? A blend of personality, heritage and sense of home. Tonal blues draw inspiration from the early twentieth century, with warm hues of burgundy, rust and mustard to accentuate that elegant vintage style.



In Cultivate we embrace the romance of slow living, taking pleasure in nature and our ability to nurture, grow and sustain ourselves in simple and small ways. Personal wellbeing comes to the fore and we seek out the soothing, calm refuge of home where we can rest, re-focus and regenerate. Harmonious influences see modern Japanese minimalism blend with natural green hues offset by enlivening plum and uplifting yellow. The tonal greens of Cultivate are inspired by nature. These are interspersed with uplifting pops of chalky blue, deep plum and yellow curd – the perfect contrast.




Cocoon yourself in comfort with rich layers of luxurious fabric and decadently rounded forms. Soften hard surfaces with an abundance of fringing, chenille and velvet. A warm, vivid sunset palette helps to create an emotive space designed for lingering. Focus on toasty shades of burgundy, brown, reds and oranges to create a cosy, indulgent place to escape. Hints of Art Deco and 70s retro-futurism add moments of nostalgia to high romance. Create a scheme that’s perfect for intimate rooms of your home. Start with a lilac infused pastel and balance its lightness with deeper shades in your textiles and decor. Sink into a rich and soothing palette of melon, salmon, brown, red and cosmetic tints. It’s the perfect combination to create an immersive and opulent interior.

To view Dulux’s 2020 Colour Forecast. Visit the Dulux website

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