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Choosing the right white paint for your home When choosing the right white paint for your interiors, it helps to understand the science of colours and the connection of light. Understanding the science of colours Scientifically, colour is an expression of light. Materials absorb and reflect specific wavelengths of visible light, which result in objects...
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Painting interiors Before you commence painting your interiors, read our guide below on what you need to consider before commencing any work so your project goes smoothly with results you love. 1. Plan your interior painting Talk to a professional (like us) about how long the painting will take before it’s complete. This will help...
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Dulux Paint Colour Forecast Each year Dulux releases its paint colour forecast for interior paint for the year. For 2021, their colour forecast has been divided into three categories; Retreat, Nourish and Reset.
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Each year Dulux releases it’s colour forecast for the year. For 2020, their colour forecast has been divided into four categories; Grounded, Comeback, Cultivate and Indulge.
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The easiest way to a modern new kitchen Painting the cupboard doors and drawer fronts is a great way to rejuvenate a tired or dated kitchen without having an entirely new kitchen expensively installed. It can also be done in a very short timeframe, sometimes only two to three days are necessary. So as long...
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