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Paintwork Issues
Surfactant Leaching
“Surfactant leaching” is best described as soapy, sticky or oily spots or perhaps glossy streaks that appear on newly painted surfaces, usually within the first few weeks after application. The leached material can vary in colour or appearance from almost clear (being detected as glossy patches on the paint surface) to whitish (translucent), to shades...
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Steelwork Repairs
Steelwork requires regular inspections to determine the degree of deterioration of existing coatings. They are treated according to the rating given. Areas of high traffic, high wear, or in the case for protective coatings, high moisture, surface contamination or physical damage may require more regular inspection. Areas for particular attention are angles, bolted connections including...
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Care for paintwork
A periodic painting maintenance program not only keeps your properties looking fresh; it also allows us to spot potential defects before they become costly and widespread. For the exterior, the better the finish, the better the visual impact and the higher your property value or rental income will be. The more durable finish will require...
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Paint Chalking
What is chalking? Chalking is the appearance of a loosely adherent fine powder on the surface of a paint film arising from the degradation of one or more of its constituents. If the coating itself is breaking down due to ultraviolet (UV) degradation, there will be some evidence of a white or coloured powdery “chalking”...
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Efflorescence paintwork
What is Efflorescence? “Efflorescence” is the term most commonly used to describe the deposit of crusty white mineral salts that appear on a masonry surface (concrete, render, brick or mortar) that have leached out from within the substrate when moisture migrates through it. Any efflorescence on the surface must be removed prior to painting as...
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burnishing marring paint
What is Burnishing or Marring? “Marring” is the term commonly used to describe shiny patches or polished areas that become evident when painted surfaces have been subjected to abrasion, possibly caused by cleaning or scrubbing to remove dirt or stains. Another term used to describe this same effect is “Burnishing“. The definitions provided by AS/NZS...
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